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The Market Impact Blueprint™ For Founders & CEOs

Turn Your Product Vision into Market Reality Without Draining Your People and Funds

Are you struggling with...

  • Balancing product focus with a cohesive sales and marketing strategy, rooted in strong foundations?
  • Leadership gaps or a young team lacking strategic direction?
  • Identifying and connecting with the right audience?
  • Disjointed go-to-market activities across your organization?
  • Maximizing your resources to drive sustainable growth?

If any of these resonate with you, then you're in the right place.

You want to build a brand that lives up to your mission without unnecessary complexity, wasting time or misallocating funds


So, what's needed to move from where you are now to where you want to go?...

The Market Impact Blueprint™

Architect a growth strategy that expertly aligns your product, people, processes, and technology. 

Get your product to market fast without sacrificing your long-term vision. We help you build sustainable growth by connecting your product with the people who will champion what it is today, so you can earn the long-term credibility that drives market adoption.

The ShiftHX Operation System


1. Align

Clarify your current reality and ultimate vision.

2. Deconstruct

Reverse engineer your path from present to future.

3. Reconstruct

Identify the audience that will love your product as it is TODAY and tomorrow.

4. Transform

Create a growth strategy that balances vision, reality, and resources.

5. Refine

Infuse scalable, mission-driven processes that provide clarity, facilitate growth, and adapt based on learnings.

The ShiftHX Masters

Ami Patel

Ami Patel

Lisa Sargiotto

Lisa Sargiotto

Daniel Englebretson

Daniel Englebretson


Hi, we’re the founders of Shift. With our diverse operations, AI, and sales and marketing skills, we’ve helped startups and billion-dollar enterprises overcome challenges in leadership and strategy.

As recognized innovators in our 20s and successful entrepreneurs in our 30s, our experience spans hundreds of clients, including Phononic, SnapDocs, Acuity Brands, Precision Hawk, and Turntide. 

We've sat in rooms with CEOs and founders, understanding that true value comes not from long contracts but genuine partnerships and a shared growth mindset.

Our approach goes beyond ticking boxes; we delve into the core of business challenges, asking the right questions, educating our clients on the 'why' behind each decision, and driving toward meaningful and sustainable growth.

We’re more than strategists; we’re your partners in navigating the complex journey of bringing your vision to life, and we’d be honored to help you.

Equipped with our strategies and support, you'll be able to:


Adapt to market demands without losing your vision. We focus on areas of your business where there's the most opportunity to win new customers today, so you can deliver your promise without compromising long-term goals.

Raise capital efficiently. Our strategies are designed to help you secure the funding needed for growth and leverage your resources wisely.

Foster creativity with scalable processes. We establish scalable, repeatable processes that empower your team to excel in their roles, freeing up your time and nurturing creativity. 

Avoid costly missteps and resource misallocation. We align your innovation with market demand and streamline technology to maximize impact and investment. 

Build a talented and dedicated team. We help ensure you have the right people doing the right things, so your team is built not just based on what looks good on paper but on what you want to accomplish.

"I thought I knew my product inside out, but they showed me its soul-the value it brings to our customers. That insight is irreplaceable."

- RJ, Founder and CEO

Ready to build a lasting brand?

Being a founder is one of the most challenging journeys you can go on. We know because we’ve done it ourselves and helped hundreds of clients do it, too. 

We’ve seen firsthand the true cost of misaligned strategies and improper use of resources, resulting in unnecessary delays, wasted money, and pure anxiety and frustration.

You don't have to do this alone. Get the next-level strategy and support to bring your vision to life. 

Take the next step by booking a complimentary consult with a Principal Consultant at Shift. Let's play a game we can win, together.